Natural gas is used for beautiful fireplaces, heating a pool, generating electricity, cooking and baking, outdoor grilling, outdoor lighting, drying clothes, heating water, home heating, and even fueling your vehicle. Natural gas is reliable, efficient and in abundant supply here in the United States. It is also the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. Call Zia Natural Gas Company to find out how you can enjoy the savings and comfort of natural gas.


A gas furnace with conventional air conditioning is the best option for home heating and cooling today. A high-efficiency natural gas furnace provides comfort and savings – no matter how cold the outside temperature.
The gas furnace will provide warm comfortable heat regardless of how cold it is outside. Today’s furnaces are more efficient too. New government regulations dictate that manufacturers can only offer equipment with AFUE rating of 78 percent or higher. The higher the efficiency of the furnace, the less it will cost to operate.
You can purchase gas furnaces today that are 97 percent efficient. Unlike the electric heat pump, a gas furnace provides warm even heat throughout the home. You will not have the cold drafts a heat pump can produce. If you like to turn your thermostat down at night and when you are away from home, a gas furnace will quickly reheat your house when you return. In contrast, the heat pump will take a long time to reheat your home or bring on the expensive backup heat do the same thing.


Gas fireplaces are becoming one of the most desired amenities in the home today. They are rapidly becoming standard equipment in new homes. Installing them in an existing home is also very easy.
If you have an existing wood burning fireplace, vented logs can be installed and you never have the mess of cleaning up and hauling ashes again. A gas fireplace will add ambiance to the room and provide auxiliary heat when your electricity goes out. If you are currently using electric heat, a gas fireplace can reduce your overall heating bill and make your home more comfortable. Call us today to find the right option to fit your budget since we offer all gas log sets just 10% over our cost.

Water Heaters

Your water heater is probably the second largest contributor to your energy bill. Water heating normally consumes 15 to 25 percent of all home energy.
Replacing your electric water heater with a natural gas model means lower energy bills, greater reliability and more hot water. In fact, a gas water heater is so much cheaper than electricity: waiting to buy one could be a big mistake. Converting to natural gas water heating is easy. You won’t pay a lot more to install one, and you can recover the extra cost of conversion quickly because natural gas models cost less to operate. And, if you do so while your new home is under construction, it is even more cost effective.
You will get more hot water. Gas water heaters are up to the challenge of being ready when you need them. Natural gas water heaters recover up to 40 percent faster than electric models. More hot water, faster! Peace of mind, plenty of hot water, lower energy bills…. You get all that with a high-efficiency natural gas water heater.


Most professional chefs prefer gas ranges for reliability, flexibility and instant and even heating. Whether you are a “basic” or “gourmet” cook, there is efficient gas equipment designed to meet all your cooking needs.
Natural gas cooking appliances also cost less to operate – about half the cost of operating an electric range. Newer gas stoves have pilot-less ignition systems that use an electric current to light the burners, instead of the standing pilot light of yesteryear’s stoves. That saves money and energy. However, during power outages, gas ranges can be a lifesaver because they can still be lit manually
The gas range is a combination of the cooktop and the oven. They come in a variety of combinations including freestanding and slide-in. Slide-in ranges fit standard counter depths and conventional range depths (24-inches deep by 30-inches wide) along with drop-in models that fit into base cabinets, providing a built-in look. Models also come in 36, 48, and 72-inch widths, which allows for the addition of extra burners and larger ovens.

Gas Cooktops

Nothing gives you precision control like a natural gas cooktop. From gently heating a delicate sauce to boiling a big pot of water – today’s models deliver the precise heat you need. Gas cooktops offer instant temperature change, unlike the cool down time you will experience with the new ceramic electric models. And there is a dizzying array of mix-and-match cooktop features; different-sized burners, power burners, grills and wok rings, griddles, steamers and even deep-fryers.
A kitchen designed around an island perfectly accommodates a cooktop. You will also find cooktop drop-in models that fit into base cabinets, which creates more storage space in a smaller kitchen.

Gas Ovens

Nothing bakes, boils and bastes like a natural gas oven. Natural gas heat has more moisture than electric, which can provide better quality baking. Also, natural gas ovens offer the precise heat that cooktops offer. Standard temperature swings on conventional ovens are as much as 25-to-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Gas ovens cool by only 10 degrees Fahrenheit before heating up again. That is the way ovens maintain the temperature.
Natural gas broiling is virtually smokeless. The splatter goes up into the flame and is consumed, so you can broil with the door shut. That can be a lifesaver in the summer because it reduces the amount of heat in your kitchen.
Self-cleaning ovens are a practical option for the homeowner in a hurry. The natural gas heat in the self-cleaning feature maintains your oven’s cleanliness safely and easily.
It doesn’t matter what your kitchen setup is, there’s a natural gas oven suitable for it. Ovens come in 24, 27, and 30 inch widths, and in single or double oven configurations. Gas ovens come in radiant heat or convection models. Radiant heat provides a steady heat that is ideal for baking and broiling. It heats the food, not just the air surrounding it, and locks in the juices and nutrients. Fan-forced convection ovens circulate hot air around the food for even heating and browning at lower temperatures.

Clothes Dryer

Drying of clothes is one of the biggest consumers of energy in your home. Electric clothes dryers are often rated at between 4,000 and 6,000 watts! Custom designed for the energy conscious, gas clothes drying is the biggest energy bargain in your home.
Today’s gas dryers offer touch controls, digital displays and microcomputer-base temperature settings for sensitive fabrics. Some models signal when the clothes are dry and continue to tumble without heat, allowing you more time to fold the load.
Today’s gas dryers use less energy than older models. No pilot lights are required because the dryers light automatically. You can save money, time, and help the environment with every load of clothes you dry with your new energy-efficient natural gas dryer.


Ice storms often make for pleasant scenery, but they also can bring costly and dangerous power outages. Natural Gas standby generators give customers an¬†opportunity to continue their normal,¬†daily activities during the occasional electric utility outage. Natural gas generators used as a backup to your home’s primary electric source can resume your home’s power in 10 to 15 seconds. Your home security system, water pump, and garage door opener are a few basic home devices that would not work during a power interruption.

Pool Heaters

Homeowners may wish to improve their swimming pool enjoyment with the use of a gas pool heater. An unheated pool will stay generally at about the average outdoor temperature. For the typical user, comfortable pool water temperatures are 78 degrees to 82 degrees in spring and fall 76 degrees to 78 degrees in winter.
Spa temperatures can average near or over 100 degrees, depending on the user. The average yearly cost for heating a residential pool using an electrical resistance pool heater is about 2.5 times the cost of using a natural gas pool heater. Spa heaters run about the same.

Gas Grills

Outdoor cooking at its best…. today’s natural gas grills have more features and options than ever. These include separate cooking areas with separate control, warming and baking racks. There’s also the convenience of never running out as most of us have done when using propane or charcoal. Connecting and disconnecting a natural gas grill is easy with the new “quick disconnect” option.
Natural Gas grills can complement today’s busy lifestyles by eliminating the long warm-up time associated with charcoal and the inconvenience of refilling propane tanks. And, you also have greater flexibility because you control the cooking temperature.

Gas Lighting

Few things can add elegance to your home or office as quickly as installing natural gas lighting. Your home is suddenly transformed into a warm and inviting place where friends and family can meet. Gas lamps will also raise the value of your home and increase the security on your property with a soft amber glow. The best part is if your electricity goes out your gas lighting will stay on keeping you out of the dark.